Friday, November 28, 2008

Walking together

I have always been guilty of not following the rules of courtship when I was dating my wife. After we decided we were the perfect match and there was no doubt in our mind that we were going to get married, I treated her just like a wife that she was going to be.

One of the treatment that she received was when I always left her behind when we were walking around town. It was just that I love to walk fast. As I knew how to be tactful and just to made her felt appreciated, I said to her - "As a Malay man, I am bound to treat you like this eventually. At least if not immediately, when we are old...", it made her smile, which does not necessarily mean that she agrees with me.

Do keep up with me dear...

After we got married, I became even worse as I asked her to walk all over the places that we visited, either in Amsterdam, Paris, Bali and good ole KL. We walked if we wanted to go for shopping. We walked if our hotel was 200 metres away from the beach or 500 metres at the end of the beach. We walked under a hot sun or we walked in the cold European climate. We walk and we walk. How my wife hates me for this...

I do it as I have a girth which I would like to not have and I sometimes understand that it is not easy to walk in high heels. I do sometimes give way and let her off at the entrance of a mall or the place where we can meet then I trudged alone to her. It is rare especially where taking a taxi is expensive.

I do sometimes did a double take when I realised I was walking to fast and she was trying to catch up with me when we are in a mall or around town. Sometimes, even when I am holding her hand, she has to run to keep up.

Its just that I love walking fast. It is still a bad habit which I can't shake off. Maybe it will stop when I grow older.

We'll see...

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  1. Habits are hard to change
    unless you are physically not able to walk faster anymore... that might be a change ..

    however, it is such a kind thought to have realize the way your habit that may frust your wife..

    there is this saying i've read in a book...
    only people with great mind people will walk fast and people need to keep up with them :)