Monday, November 3, 2008

Sales preview

There was a sale by Metrojaya between 23rd and 26th October this year. It was held at the Melawati stadium in Shah Alam which  was so rare as most sales by big retail outlets, either by Tangs, Metrojaya, Jusco or Isetan were always done at its various premises around town. The sale will ensure the sale of any old stock at the stores.

What is it with women and sales?

Now, just to entice their customer more, these superstores have sale preview for member. Those who have loyalty cards with them will be invited to experience the privelege of shopping before others can shop. My wife has all the loyalty cards and I have a few other privilege cards (due to certain brands that I used) which made us received a lot of mails regarding these sales. Most of the mails were thrown in the trash (what waste of trees!) especially it was that time of the year when the reality of spending too much money you don't have hits home.

I was caught in a bad traffic jam once in Midvalley Megamall and was stuck trying to get into their parking lot for nearly 1 hour. It was a weekday and I was clueless of what had caused the jam. When I met my wife later (who went there for her Yoga lesson straight from her office) she told me that it was the Jusco sales preview (which she had forget). They do it every other month and they choose one Jusco to give their customer something special.

Wow, what a rip-off.

I think I want to open up a new superstore. Anyone wants a share?

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  1. Babe,

    I got a nice cristal tray & ice bucket (70% off) that I've been waiting for so long - 3 months to be exact. I got you a comfy boxer for RM10... Isn't it a bargain?!

    Off course, we have enough rug but how can I resist when it only RM5?

    Please also be reminded that I have to walk from Kuta market to our hotel when you were sleeping to get that mirror hung in our living room... Yang, it is all because I want to save your money ;)

    One more thing, the sheet that the kids loves so much is RM770 before discount... see, i love savings!