Friday, November 14, 2008

What's My Age Again @ Object in the Mirror is NOT as Young as It Thinks

As my birthday past and Hari Raya was winding down, I had to ensure that I still have a long way to go. I always want to know how long I have to live, if that is possible.

Melancholy is a disease of the ages. You will start a conversation with an old friend, "Did you remember when...."

I am also guilty of this and nothing reaffirm of my mortality and aging body when all I can think about is the disease which may hit me or had hit me and I am fighting it to not be a permanent feature in my life.

I am an overweight person, to say the least and as I have the hereditary trait of diabetic, I also need to check my glucose level every other day to ensure I don't need to take any medicine to control it, yet...

I was diagnosed in 2007 as being "borderline" diabetic but I was not prescribed any medicine but had to change my lifestyle. Since 2006, I never took sugar with my drinks and rarely eat rice. I had a gout attack, which was painfull, while my parents were in my house, which made it even worse, I had to screen my blood. When it was discovered that early November 2007 I had more to worried about my glocuse level than my uric acid level. I knew I had to do something about it.

As for motivation, I am a very easy guy to convince that I need exercise. I run, even when I joined a gym in late 2005, which I stopped in early 2007. I love running and I live at a perfect place where even runners come to run. Just at the outskirt of Taman Botani Shah Alam or Taman Pertanian as it was known once.

I had stopped running in July due to my laziness, and when Ramadhan and Eid Fitri came, I paid the price again. Now, I am running again... Like Forrest Gump. Every morning, which jog my mind to keep going on writing.

An active body really help an active mind stays active.


  1. uhuhu..saya pun nak kena cari penimbang ni.. walaupun sehingga kini belum lagi mendapat apa2 penyakit serius..
    mencegah lebih baik, kan...

  2. aku ok.kolestrol je tinggi.tapi,aku sangat paranoid dengan kesihatan.aku akan jogging seminggu sekali sebab malas dan takda masa....selebihnya aku hanya terus risaukan kesihatan dan tak menjaga makan.

    tak makan nasik sehari aku rasa hidup tak lengkap.

  3. I like to run too. Exercise can stimulate your mind and make your thoughts very clear. Good post.

  4. sounds familiar... I am restarting my exercise routine as well. after a few years of laziness, I started a morning walk after subuh this morning and may be will be running again tomorrow morning...