Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hair today, gone tomorrow

I was a balding man ever since I reached the age of 27. I can't explain why, but the MSG in so many of the food that I love to eat, which include the favourite maggi mee, is the most likely culprit. It is not scientically proven but if a lab test is done on my blood since the day I took that first bite on that first bowl of Maggi Mee, it might tell us something.

So, I now have to live with the fact that I don't have a crowning glory which every woman would feel inadequate if they have to face the same situation. It would be like a man who couldn't get 'it' up. That's how much I think a woman loves her hair (which is to say, its very, very important and not excluding those who wear headscraves).

Easy to maintain even early in the morning

If you see me now, you will not believe that I had a full hair when I was small which looks like I was one of the Beatles in their glory days. They even give a nickname 'Bujal' for the Malaysian kid's comic which was popular in 1980s. Bujal has this full hair which is so helmety that the top of it sticks up like some untrained corporals in an army's regiment. Basically, this Bujal character looks like John Lennon except for those pesky hair.

Men in Malaysia seems to accept their shortcoming in the hair department seen from the lack of toupee shops around. Only company like Svenson and Neeta's herbal hair remedy are brave enough to bank on their products to make money in Malaysia. With the rise of David Beckham and his metrosexual regime, these company might just make their money. Even he sometimes (or is it a trend too now?) goes bald. Jason Statham is another idol of mine...

As for me, I'll just stick with my balding head which made it easy for me to go and cut my hair.

Just imagine this, I only have to spend five minutes in a barber shop where I enter, say the word [and sometimes just signal with my finger '0' (zero) and use the machine], in which the barber will spend 3 minutes to pass the mechanized clipper on my head and walla! he's done. My wife really love this story of mine about how I cut my hair that she once follow me to see whether its true or not.


  1. Anything but the toupee! Those are so weird...

    Baldness is hereditary, and there's nothing much to do about it. Does the barber give a discount though? ;p

  2. i agree with julian. hair loss is genetic and the genes for this are carried by women. ^_^

    so i guess that mean you can carry on eating those maggi mee's. hehehe

  3. semua orang dilahirkan botak
    hanya yang malu saja menutupnya dgn rambut..hahaha

  4. I'm happy with my hair but the discount is not forthcoming from the barber. Looking for a good hairclipper so I can do it myself

  5. Be proud! Bald men are sexy. Read my posting on Botak men :) http://loveandmatch.blogspot.com/2008/07/botak-head.html