Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ogling Olga in Quantum of Salaciousness

I was given free tickets to go and watched the new James Bond flick called Quantum of Solace, thanks to Celcom which receives payment promptly every month due to the auto-debit scheme that I set up with my credit card. I pay you every month promptly and all I got was these free tickets (oh! and the pair of RM1000 tickets for Celine Dion concert). So, they gave me two seats to the movie to thank me on my gullibility for paying without checking what they bill me.

Anyway, the reason for me to really want to go and see this movie was the new James Babe, which is Olga. Olga Kurylenko to be precise.

If you type Olga without her surname, you will get a few images that shows ladies who you wish were never ever featured in a James Bond movie, except maybe as villains, although even the James Bond's ladies villains was never ugly (Pussy Galore anyone?). As these images are copyrighted, use the search engines for you to see yourself. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Back to the James Babe - Olga.

When I first hear her name and saw the status update of one of my facebook friend " ogling Olga", I had this image of a witch or a gypsy with bucktooth and warts all over (thanks Checo).

When I googled her, I found out that there were no warts on her, except at the right places on her chest (which I had hoped to see, no such luck!) and her teeth was perfect. A train could run on those teeth...As for the black dress that she wore, it fit her perfectly. As the white t-shirt and jeans.

How's that for social/racial profiling?

I should have not done it as I have just finished reading Paulo Cuelho's The Witch of Portobello about the hardship faced by the gypsies and the label that they have to endure while living in Transylvania which is infamous for Dracula, which was explained by the book to be written by an Irish writer who never visited Transylvania, not even once!

Oh, sorry, I think I lost track just now. You may want to know how was the movie and all. What I can say is, Daniel Craig is perfect as James Bond if you want him to be like Matt Damon in the Bourne movie series. There were car chases at the start of the movie, a chase on foot, a chase in boats and planes, big explosions, Olga to ogle and a lot of other James Babes. Some died, some survives. There were the blood and gore of the new James Bond and sleek cars. Craig has perfected the avenging James Bond look and now the words that they should use as a tagline is "No More Mr. Nice Guy". And you do know that the Craig's Bond is going for third movie in another 2 year as the villains seem to be a new bigger and 'bad-asser' group. Quatum of Solace is a good 'middle movies' perfect for the next sequel with new villain already intorduced in a 'blink-and-you-will-miss' scene.

Olga also epitomed the new breed of James Babe where James Bond can rely on them to watch his back and they can still rocks his socks off...

In short, Quantum of Solace was like any action movies. Except for Olga... and the car... and a brooding James Bond...

Go watch it, especially if you are going to see this person (not these pics though) :



  1. orite... linked u back ^^... olga is hot... the only reason i dun wanna watch james bond movie is because of daniel craig...

  2. Actually I'm very disappointed with Quantum of Solace. It's like a typical action movie without any James Bond element. 5 mins of nice car, almost no romance, very common gadget (and there is only one gadget which is the SE C902) and the storyline is too simple.