Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My wife's overactive imagination

I did post once on the easeness of my wife crying. You can read it here http://howmanthink.blogspot.com/2008/11/crying.html.

There is another attitude of my wife's which took some time for me to get to use to. It was her overactive imaginations. According to her mind, I am already in nearly 5 to 6 affairs when I started blogging actively and before that I have had affairs with the students that I taught in a local university and various other affairs because of various reasons. It seems that my libido is so great that I can maintain a few mistresses at any one time.

How about when I get a whack from her for something that an actor did on screen or when she knew a friend of mine is having an affair? She knew since the day we were courting that I love to surprise her. I told her earlier in the relationship, never to expect anything when she expect something but be ready to be surprised at the time she wouldn't expect anything...

Me, being surrounded by other women...

I once did try to slip beside her when she was sleeping in the afternoon trying to be romantic but I gave her quite a start coupled with a shout which was nearly a scream that I gave up doing it after a few times. She thought I was a thief who had slipped into the house.

As for the affair, I can hear the edge in her voice when she ask me who a new girl or woman I just got to know was. The early years when I partnered with my university friends who rarely wear other than some corporate suits or blouses which left nothing to one's imagination, her jealousy and suspicions could be seen. Then they became friends, and I heaved a sigh of relief...

I am currently introducing her, little by little, to a few of my ghost of christmas past, due to necessity and there were various reactions from her. Some, she thought were beneath her and some she confessed to be way out of her league. I always keep reminding her that I have chosen her and the other girls were my past. Water under the bridge. Most of them are happily married, with children. What she imagined when I was courting them, I leave that to her imaginations.

If there's a sudden whack out of nowhere, I know her imagination just caught up with her mind...


  1. dia cemburu tanda sayang la tu..
    ..atau tanda kau memang hebat kat luar! nak kene monitor all the time.


    norman hakim buat hal,aku pulak yg kena warning dgn bini..hehe.

  2. Aku pun sayang tu sebab tak kisah layan. Best apa sesekali org jealous apa kita buat