Thursday, November 13, 2008

Talking on the phone

Why do women feels that there is a need for conversation on the phone to be long? Can't we just say our piece and then when we meet later, we can continue with where we left off.

I was guilty in my younger days of hanging on the phone more than a few hours with girlfriends.

Wouldn't it be easy to have sms, then
I remembered the dressing down that I received when I was discovered to be using the phone for far too long that the telephone bill was quite high.

That was when people still used landline and handphones were rare. Prepaid was unheard off and the only service provider was Telekom.

TM? Streamyx? Internet? YM? VOIP? Skype? All those were still in the future.

With all these technology, why does people need to talk on the phone that long, now?

Maybe its how human voices can soothe another. Maybe its just the basic human interaction that we always crave for. Maybe its human instinct.

Whatever it is, I am hanging up dear.

We'll catch up later at home...


  1. wifey,lagi 5 minutes nak jumpa adik dia pun masih engage kat phone..dgn adiknya tu! gossip!..

    dah nak jumpa pun masih nak calling2?

    aku tak paham!

  2. haha. nowadays i just message people on msn/ym. saves lots of money and saliva.

  3. perempuan mmg r dilahirkan utk bercakap..hehehe

  4. pompuan suka bercakap perkara dlm hidup ini ada byk perkara remeh

  5. its 'called' 'using technology to the fullest'. why buy a phone when you just want to SMS? :-)....