Monday, November 17, 2008

Nose picking

I love to pick my nose no matter what's the consequences will be.

Its just a totally men trait as much as scratching our balls or hitching our trousers in public. Don't lie by saying you have never done this, if you are a man or observe this, if you are a woman. If you do have boyfriends or husbands, at least they would have done it once in front of you or alternatively thinking you are not observing them and do it while covering it with a newspaper or a hand, as if it is enough to hide the fact that they are picking their nose.

That's a big nose you have there...

I still remember an episode of Seinfeld (which again will show the bloggers community how old I am) where the title character had to break off with one of his many date because she saw him picking his nose while he was in a taxi and her car passed him by. She had a conversation earlier in the episode where she stated that she just couldn't stand a man who pick his nose. She was gorgeous and Seinfeld was just going to bed her when he was caught with his finger up his nose. He was not even really picking his nose but was just scratching the side of his honker which is quite huge. In the same episode, Seinfeld's sidekick, George was trying to break it off with his then girlfriend and don't know how to break it to her. So, he picked his nose in front of her and they broke off.

Some have perfected the art of picking their nose while covering it up with their hands. Or by wheezing really hard to dislodge whatever booger that is stuck to roof of their nose. Or by being civil and take this business of nose picking somewhere private like a toilet for instance. To each his own.

Just not me, and a few thousands others.

So, women, just bear with it if you really love your men.

At least his not scratching his ball in public (if he does, send him to a finishing school)


  1. come to think of it..i just love to pick my nose..whenever and wherever i just feel like to..haha

  2. syiok you know... that's why some men have nail on their pinky very long??? digging equipment! dun believe me? ask phua chu kang

  3. Haha! i remember that particular episode!

    Yes it's a natural thing to do (u wouldnt want a 'noseful' of 'waste'...but it can always be done discretely..
    Imagine doing it anywhere (like when driving to a meeting with a potential client)..
    now imagine a firm handshake that follows...yucky HORROR!

  4. anak sy pernah ckp
    " itu hobi mama.."