Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The longest celebration

I think my wife still love me due to the celebration that she held for me for my 34th. Maybe these pictures are proof of her love of me. Its nice to be loved...

We stayed at a hotel in town, checked-in on 26.10.08...
...where one of the view is this...
...and had dinner at the hotel's restaurant
..after which my wife gave a card...
..and top it off with a karaoke session on 27.10.08 with some friends in town...
and then was presented with another cake at the office on 28.10.08.
Thanks dear, I need to top this next year for yours...
Who says its hard to make a man happy?

p/s - I Love You


  1. Awww.... sorry i missed it, but happy belated birthday nevertheless. The pics say you had a wonderful time.

    Say, what's the huge mirror there for...?

  2. Hey, I missed it too1 Sorry dude! Catch up with you one of these days...it's too late to even wish you happy belated - but happy belated anyway!

  3. wow congratulations... so nice :)