Thursday, October 23, 2008


What is this obsession with being thin? "Do I look fat?" When you try to gain symphaty and "I look fat!" when you are alone are the most overuse questions everywhere in the world and have been the subject of jokes about relationship at so many occasion.

My wife and I went to a sale launch a few days back and in the middle of it there was a fashion show. The models which came out were Caucasian and was so thin that the bare back blouse (scarf?) that she wore showed her oh-so-thin figure. As the blouse clearly make us see her whole back, I could see her whole vertebrae bone as if there was no skin at all. It was not even sexy. It was gruesome even.

Of course, she was leggy and all. The clothes she wore were also fits her nicely but there was also one model who was thin but not that thin. I mean, she did have a thin figure but her bones were not showing like the other models. She does have a fuller figure and the clothes also fit her nicely.

Its not that I don't understand modelling at all. All model are supposed to be the vision of perfection of clothing lines designer as they want their clothes to look just nice on a woman's body. I also appreciate the look and the styling of modern clothing that need to be worn with confidence as they are nowadays quite sophisticated that no 'normal' women can wear them except if all they do is to look beautiful.

There were some hoopla last February when Spain banned ultra-thin models (as opposed to thin?). At least even the fashion industry is taking notice.

Why don't they just follow the way of the porn movies where most of the actress are voluptuous and full-figured, so much so that some of them are too full at places where men love to ogle even if it was clothed.

Oh, I forgot, the models were showing clothing for women...

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  1. Pegi beli t-shirt William Rast with caption "Feed the models".

    Stick thin is not sexy, and not an interesting sight actually, men are carnivore, meat eaters, girls. Bu yeah, I forget that they are showing clothes for the girls....