Saturday, October 18, 2008


Why do I like to talk about something irrelevant to me?
Irrelevant you say?
Let me enlighten you on the connection.
I was told that when you get married, you will not have to look for sex (if you are the type who looks for it) and you will get sex on a regular basis. I was soooo looking forward to it. Mind you, this was not the only reason why I got married but it did play a big part (yes, I'm covering my backside so I won't get whack again. Read to understand)
So, when THAT time of the month comes, I do felt crestfallen a bit especially after a long trip and my wife is currently unavailable. Or we had a fight then there is no make out session after I (usually its me) asked for forgiveness. Or we had too much of it and we stopped for a while then we wanna...
We are trying to get pregnant you see, so we need lots of it. This follows an advice of some article where they advice those who are trying to get pregnant must have sex all the time. I do listen to advices, especially sound one like this.
So, isn't this connected to our fragile male ego?
My friend in Facebook was lamenting about that on his birthday, he couldn't get any candy. Some of my lady friends was so out of it and didn't understand what we were talking about that they offered the guy som candy. Those who understood, picked it up and were commenting on the guys status nearly 10 comments long.
There was this one other time, I went travelling with an all-guys study tour of Europe. There was this one Dato' who was quite a potty mouth and acted as the clown in the group. We junior people would just laughed at his jokes. He said to us that he and his wife has this secret code about the wife having her menses. It was when he asked whether the wife is sending her praying attire or 'telekung' for laundry. If the answer is yes, then he knows his not getting his candy tonight, so he can go to his second wife.
Yes, dear wife, when you are having your period, I suffer too... That's why Malay call it 'cuti' or 'off-day'

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