Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More than one...

This is a very sensitive issue and will always result in me at least getting a whack on the head (but the make out session after will always be incredible, so its worth it what!). This issue has been talked to death by so many people that I don't need to explain that it is a religious matter for Muslim and endorsed by the holy Quran with a caveat to be fulfilled, bla, bla, bla. I mean, I'm not a religious teacher and I don't want to go to an early grave, so let's just the expert explain it to you with all the precedent and evidence for you to use to go to an early grave to (does that make sense?).

Anyway, the issue that I want to try to make sense about is having more than one wife. I am not going to say that I will never do it or saying that I have plan to do it. I am just wondering... and as a politician friend of mine adviced me never say never especially when it comes to this matter, I am not going to say never. Just not yet... for now. And my wife always know my 'kegatalan' as I had always ask her for a threesome as my birthday present (if it is so hard for her to find me anything) and when we was going to get married, she did know my ambition of trying to go one up on En. Jamil by being on a pelamin with more than one bride. Yes, I am that dumb...

What trigger this thoughts? We had a close encounter of the first wife kind last weekend. We were at one of my friend's/client's open house and we were one of the early guest. In came two persons where a commotion of sort was created by the host when she received them outside. She kept on saying "Should I call you Datin? Should I call you Datin?". As it may be a joke and not wanting to be too direct, we didn't ask for any clarification. They then joined us at the dining area and started to talk about ourselves. The host father came to sit with us and started to ask us how we know her daughter. The daughter came and explained who we were and then she said "This is M's wife. The first one". When I smiled, she added "Khairul surely would know. He does mixed with his kind". I explained to my wife and my partner who M is and then my wife created an innocent faux par by saying "Oh, we REALLY have to call Datin lah ya?". She good-naturedly smiled and we continued talking. She was actually looking for a divorce lawyer and as my partner and I did talk about reviving our long-defunct syariah practice, we suggested to her a few of our friends as reference.

It seems that she was not a happy camper and she did say jokingly albeit with a strong hint of sarcasm, her husband is already dead to her. Only when we were in the car did my partner said her husband was unappreciative of her. This matter about sitting with Datins who are number two although they are number one was not our first time. Living in a State where Datukship is a ticket to move forward and having more than one wife is an achievement, we were always careful when around someone we don't know acting like she owns the place (although its someone else's house) or with a face so 'tight' that her smile never fades.

Being Asian, I don't think this age-old problem(?) will ever be solve and I salute those who marries more than one but manage to keep his sanity and also be good husband to all that he marries. At least, in my religion, who everybody seems to be critical of lately, allows the marriage of more than one and allow legitimate children to be properly raised.

Whether a man of two or more wives can be fair, that's another story altogether....

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