Friday, October 24, 2008


I posted a post before about a man getting caught of having an affair when his wife found his phone messages with his mistress (Read My friend, who read the post at my Facebook note, commented with a simple "OMG!". I posted on his wall asking him what the OMG! is for. He said, that Oh My God was due to him, who is still single, thinking that was nothing is sacred anymore that a wife would look through a husband's handphone.

I was smiling when I read this and wrote him back "When you are married, there is no secret".

Thinking back, just wanting to get more reaction and for discussion sake. Is my statement true? Come to think of it, isn't that is why you got married in the first place. To share everything, until death do you part.

You shouldn't have and you should share everything,

1) unless you have an affair.

2) unless you marry another (for those who can).

3) unless you give up on the marriage and got separated.

So many challenges for married couple to stay together. So many obstacles to face. But is there really any secrets that you shouldn't tell your wife? I have tried to be transparent with my wife even if it means getting into arguments or giving her some ammunitions in fights. Basically, you will never know a person unless you marry them and even then you will always find new things about someone. Especially, if suddenly someone from the past turns up.

Thanks to Facebook, which I connect myself to my wife by declaring that I am married to her, I am connecting with a lot of old friends and sometimes, I have to explain the 6th Degree of Separation between me and the person who just added me as a friend. Especially those girls who I knew through my work or my university friends or my school friends or those strangers who use FB as communication.

I still believe what I said to my friend, there is no secret when you are married, unless...

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  1. Well i expect there to be no secrets! Hahaha!

    But can't do much if information is still being withheld though...