Monday, October 20, 2008


My cats impersonates human in their own various ways. I have 3 females and 1 lone male. That lone male impersonate me to the letter if I am a cat. Always meowing himself hoarse to get attention.

Animals, of course, are creatures which best describe the way human would be if we don't have any conscience and moral. They have the basic instinct and they are not shy if they want something, especially cats. When they do something. that is what they feel at the moment. I have read somewhere cats are selfish creatures but I love all four of my cats and I cannot resist at least a pat on the head to those cats I met on the streets or restaurants.

Why do I have so many cats? I actually had 6 of them but 2 died. One died because of teen pregnancy and one because of leukimia leukemia. The one who gave stillborns was so 'manja' that she loves to climb on my back if given any chance. It was during the World Cup 2006 that she died. The second one died just recently and was too sick that we have to put him down.

SPOT. Gone, not forgotten

We don't have children you see and these furry animals are our kids in their own way. Two of them are the brood of one of the adult and the male is the king of the house. Except for the male cat, all are neutered. Yes, I know  that some might not agree that if we are trying to get pregnant for us to keep cats. We have checked and know all the dos and don'ts.

My wife hate cats before we decided to take them in. The adults were born at the backdoor of our house and my wife was scared at first seeing such small creatures meowing their heads off. I was supposed to keep them for a while before driving them off somewhere but when my wife saw their cute furry butt climbing over the box we kept them in, she was hooked. Nowadays, she can't keep her hands off any cats on the street.

Here are pictures of them

Afternoon nap

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  1. Salam ziarah daripada kami sekeluarga - Datin Saerah.