Friday, October 17, 2008

Me, WoMan. She, Man.

Somebody made a list of how she is more of the man than her husband who is more of a woman ( and I also have this conundrum in my life, maybe I can kind of refer to her list to make mine -

1) I love to watch E! as much as she does but I do it more for the sexy women they feature there

2) I pick things up and put things back in their place. She only does it if she is cleaning the whole house, wait... she let me do it.

3) I love to watch porn... wait, that's more man than woman...

4) I love Desperate Housewives but again for the same reason as (1). This also the reason I watch Heroes, Weeds, the Tudors, Secret Diary of A Call Girl, Entourage (does this count? There were beautiful, sometimes naked girls in it)

5) I love to gossip but she loves it too and we sometimes gossip together2

6) I love sex... wait, that is a man thing again, right?

7) My ultimate dream is to have a threesome with another beautiful girl and she did say she will let it of its with that Henry VIII guy in the Tudors, does that mean she is willing to do a threesome?

8) She hates ironing and I do to, so we are the same there but she does it out of love for. Kan, sayang...

9) I hate shopping but I love going to sale launch or product launch or where I can be seen, is that a guy or a gal thing?

10) I love to nag either her or my partner or anyone within earshot. My students sometimes suffer to...

11) I have best friend who I do things together2 by the name of C and we sometimes go shopping and exchange gossips and oggle at girls. Is that a girly or a guy thing?

12) I love cooking once but was relegated to chopping onions and stirring things in pots as she took over my life and now the only thing I cook is spaghetti but she already know how to do that too. Oh, yeah, now I remember, BBQ is now my thing, because of the Sopranos...

Come to think of it, I think I am not so in touch with my feminine side anymore like I used to when I was still single. Its all gone, Gone, GOne, GONE!!!!

Thanks yang.


  1. i will forever love beautiful grls.
    beautiful naked girls.

    nice blog!

  2. A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.