Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Salty cooking

I went to a food tasting recently for my friend's wedding reception and one of the dish of the 8-Chinese course dinner was too salty. There were 7 people at the table and everyone suddenly started telling the old grandmother's tale in olden time where young girls who cooked salty cookings were told off by their mother and were said to be impatient to be married.

Are these belief still stands in this modern times?

Asian women are always expected to know how to cook and secret recipes since long ago were known to be passed from one generation to another. But nowadays, isn't it cheaper to buy cooked food, be it fast food or full meal? As in my house there are only me and my wife, we rarely cook and if we do, it will involved a lot of other people coming to the house to finish everything up.

Back to the issue of saltiness, does it really matter that when something is salty, there must be a reason. Maybe the grandmother was trying to tell that girls shouldn't have their head up in clouds when they are cooking.

At the end of the meal, we called up the chef so that we comment on the foods served.

Out came a MAN.

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  1. Orang melayu cakap, kalo org pompuan berkahwin masak terlebih garam, tu tanda nak kawin lagi. Kwang kwang kwang.