Sunday, October 19, 2008

In laws...

Why can't they just get along? I really can't understand that. I have to contend with women everyday of my life, either socially, my wife, or at work, my partners, who are all women. I have respect for women and I was thought to understand them in ways that only a boy who follows his mother everywhere would understand. However, when it comes to in-laws, I just can't get them.
My wife can't stand my mother. I myself actually can't stand my mother but she is my mother. She gave birth to me and I was raised by her. I can't cut her off just like that. And I don't think my mom's attitude to my wife is the worse one she gave to a daugther-in-law. You should see her relationship with my brother's wife. But, by her standard, no one is good enough for her sons.

I thought this only happen in my family.

I was wrong. It's nearly everywhere I go...

There was this one friend of mind who has a mother-in-law who will always burden her with any trivial matter and ask to be attended to at anytime she calls. She never say hi or anything but just straight away talking as if they were having a perpetual conversation that never ends. She will then unloads her story for the day and starts to berate her son. Yes, my friend's mother-in-law doesn't think highly of her son but this burden is for my friend's shoulder to bear. I always wonder how she can always keep a smile on her face. Except on days when its really bad and everyone at the office will get their heads tore off. Even mine.

I also have this friend whose mother-in-law (according to her) will always smile and treat her nice and then Wham! she will slide in a dissatisfaction or two about her daughter-in-law or how her grandchildren are being treated or how her son is the best son ever.

For those daughter-in-law whose mother-in-law is unbearable, let me say this to you, which was said thousands of times by mothers to their adult children world over, or at least those who are married "Just wait when you have children of your own, then you'll see". While you wait for that moment to arrive,

Just Bear It!

You do love the son don't you?


  1. Sir, I find it quite relevant even though I am just a young boy. Many of my friends complaining about their mom and grandmom so and so funny stories. But whatsoever, I believe life is short. Just see positively, God will reward and we will happy.

  2. Yeah, somehow mothers are very protective of their sons and they think that no woman is good enough. Maybe it is also how they were treated before (sons have always been regarded important and the carrier of the family name) and that is the only way they know how to act. I think we as the new generation must learn and remember and not repeat the mistakes of our parents.

  3. its complicated.
    ditelan mati mak,diluah mati bapak-kata peribahasa.

    this wiken my mum nak i hantar/ikut dia ke open wife lak ajak gi wedding kawan dia....

    mana satu mau ikuttt?