Monday, October 27, 2008


My wife has this dilemma when she wants to give me a gift especially on special occasions. This also applies if she is looking for gift for male colleagues. She thinks its hard to look for gifts for men.

As today is my birthday and a holiday due to Deepavali, we are currently holed up in a hotel room somewhere in the Klang Valley, ensuring that at the moment I was born, I am really in my birthday suit (let there be another girl, let there be another girl, please, please - maybe this year she got fed-up looking for gift and give in to my wildest ultimate birthday gift - read no. 7 in

I have gotten great gifts from her before and I still have her first birthday gift with me as it is an everlasting watch. She went to great length looking for gifts for me, whatever she gives me this time will be as great as her herself.

Here's looking at you, dear...

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  1. A lil' bit of naught by it's sweet in the end!