Saturday, October 25, 2008

On the phone

I was watching Entourage Season 5 Episode 7 the other night and a classic Ari Gold's line was uttered by Jeremy Piven -

"My wife is in the car and I am on speakerphone".

Have this ever happened to you?

It happened to me a few times but its on the reverse.

In my case, my wife will be on the phone and as I hate putting things be it bluetooth listening devices or wired earphone, I have been using the speakerphone for quite sometime. I sometimes have people hitching a ride with me to conferences and meetings who are sometimes are in the VIP category. I can't be talking to my wife about what are we having that night or if my wife being naughty about what we did last night or going to do that night. So, I would always tell my wife who is with me and cut the conversation short.

If there is ever a need for you to answer calls which you wouldn't normally answer if you have your better half in the car,


Unless you are driving a Lexus or a BMW or a Merc or any one of the luxury car where you can connect to the car speakerphone by bluetooth. It happened to a VIP friend of mine while he was testing a BMW 5 Series in Australia and his mistress called and Datin was driving shotgun...

p/s - Ari was driving a Lexus. Turn it off Ari. That's what buttons are for...


  1. i know how the exact situation me! :)

  2. I'll take your word for it...