Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I picked my wife from the office yesterday as I was at a raya open house somewhere within her office's vicinity. As she had an appointment somewhere where she could get to KLCC easily, we decided to meet there. It was raining and we decided to had some light drinks at the Dome, and she ate some salads. This was after I replenished some books from Kinokuniya as she had consumed all the books we have bought except some that she does not has a taste for. She even managed to finish a Stephen King's and a John Grisham's who she does not think writes well anymore.
I was reading the books that I bought and suddenly my wife said, in a boring tone that she wanted to go to Isetan. I thought she was bored with nothing to do, so I said, Ok, let's go home. We paid and started to go down the escalator. She turned to me and said "It will be just a few minutes in Isetan. I just wanna see some shirt". "Oh, ok", I said.
We went inside Isetan and I saw a bench with another guy already sitting at one of the its seats. The guy was deep in his handphone punching something before talking into it. I managed to exchange knowing glances with him before sitting down. I went back to reading.
The wife took just 20 minutes as the picking was lean. I just managed a few pages...
The guy was still there when we left. His wife stopped by for awhile to drop her handbag. He was in for the long haul.
How many time have I repeated this rituals and Isetan had seen me doing it nearly at least once a year. There was this one time I was seated at the same bench with nearly 5 other men. I had my PSP then and was engrossed with a game I was trying to finish.
That is why I rarely accompany my wife for her shopping trips but if it does happens, I am always ready with something to keep me company. At least, another guy suffering along besides me...

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