Thursday, October 30, 2008

Where have the REAL men go

The words of the song by Arville Lavigne gives me pause.

The song that starts with a chanting and then she starts asking question like where the girl has to keep telling the guy to open the door for her and the girl had to pay for herself the drinks they had.

Is chivalry really dead or just that it's an observation by the young singer/songwriter extraordinaire on relationship in general?

Another question, does all girls/women expect this, especially in Malaysia?

I have a few friends who ask me not to forget to hold doors for ladies coming behind after me. I did managed to impress my wife when we were dating by opening the car door for her. I rarely do it anymore.

Very rare...

Opening car door that is. The opening of doors is automatic for me nowadays.

I did try to do it to strangers but most of the time its either they were too surprised or they look embarrassed that someone is doing that for them. Basically most just smile. Then they walk away really fast. Maybe they thought I'm going to ask for their number.

To me the holding of doors is a valid complaint by a lady (girl?) like Avril but the paying for the drinks part?

Isn't that what women has been fighting for? Equal rights and all?


  1. dude, the last thing anyone should do is look at Avril Lavigne's lyrics for a tutorial in chivalry :P

    in reference to your post, i think it comes down to manners, and maybe more people nowadays don't expect that, hence the surprise and sheepishness.

    if someone holds a door open for me, excellent, i wouldn't scold him for being old fashioned and/or chauvanistic; at the same time i don't expect anyone to pay for my drink or whatever because that would be sheer freeloading, man. ta.

  2. opening doors and holding out doors are actually 2 separate things. one can open a door and walk in first before his lady, and on the other hand, one can hold out doors to make way for his queen. rite?

    agree with angela above tht manners are seldom expected nowadays, hence the awkwardness, but if the upbringing of a person is rite, then he/she would never forget the Ps and Qs.

    paying, is a different matter, altogether. i usually refuse, kengkonon jual mahal, and don't want to think that i can be bought, hehehe....