Sunday, October 26, 2008


Eons ago, I was a divorce lawyer but it only lasted for 2 years. Knowing syariah does help me from straying after I got married especially when I had handled cases where kids are invloved. There were stories which can break your heart when you see it happened in front of your eyes and you need to have strong character if you want to be a good divorce lawyer.

I remember in one case where I had to grab a child from his father, who looked so angry, that his eyes were red and was shaking from trying to hold himself from throwing himself at me as a crowd gathered around us after the judge decided that the mother would be the child guardian. Thanks to the policeman and the court staff, I was spared from being beaten down by a man who was understandably upset.

In another case, I was handling a divorce matter when I had to find a spectacle shop to repair my spectacle (due to some loose screws). I went down to a mall when the court was on a break and was helped by the shop assistant to change and tighten the screws. He was so nice that I ended up talking a bit with him. When I came back to the court, the mother (I was representing the father) called her children to testify against their father. Lo and behold, in the witness stand, it was the shop assistant just now. This time, he was not so nice to me (to say the least). This was how small of a town I was practising before.

All these was long ago but I still remember them as cases like this can impact you in certain ways.

Although I haven't work as a divorce lawyer for quite some times, I still met people who has connection with the word 'divorce'. There are a few of my friend who are divorcee. Some are still single. Some already got married. Being Hari Raya and all, we got to know a few of our clients or those who work with companies which we are serving as lawyers, who seems to come alone at Raya do and when we asked them or their colleague (usually the latter), for the first time we got to know their 'status'. There was quite a few of my students and chambering students who have divorced parents.

It seems that it is a norm for divorce to happen nowadays. Divorcees are everywhere and as for their status, maybe for appearance sake, why don't they just let the word 'single' be the only explanation that they have to bear with.

Not 'divorced'.

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