Friday, September 11, 2009

The ugly truth is despite myself I love the Ugly Truth

By posting the above result on my blog a few days ago, I managed to catch the movie The Ugly Truth earlier than most people. It was all thanks to Adverlets. And despite the review that I have read about how the movie is considered as a box office failure by the media in USA, I consider it to be a very good romantic comedy (see, I even refrain myself from calling it a chick flick).

I have been reading film reviews either at home here in Malaysia or from internet websites originating from the United States and they have been giving the movie low ratings. The usual "nothing new" has been bandied around.

I begged to differ as after nearly a hundred years of film, how can there be something new in your normal love story unless you are talking about some Oscar driven love story movie based on some real event or a famous book. Even some classic books have been rehashed countless times. 

The movie of course borrowed from those movie called screwball comedies from the 40s and 50s where the main characters couldn't stand each other and their banters is what keep the film going. It has My Girl Friday premise as a television network served as the background. There was one borrowed scene from the movie When Harry Met Sally which is the 'climax' of that movie. My only complain is how the movie ends with all the loose end ties up, which is a normal way for a romantic comedy to end.

Everyone seemed to enjoyed The Ugly Truth and at certain scenes nearly everyone in the cinema laugh. What other movie can make most of the patrons in the cinema laugh on cue other than an Adam Sandler's or those Frat Pack's movies? Go watch it, bring your girlfriend/boyfriend and expect to enjoy yourself, in spite of the bad reviews.

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