Monday, September 7, 2009

Hardship in hospitality industry

Ever seen the movie Into the Blue where a group of girl surfers worked in hotels around Maui before making it big as surfers. Did you see what they have to go through day in and day out while being housekeepers in a hotel? Having to clean mess like puke (due to the guests being drunk the night before) and picking up condoms off the floor of the hotel rooms. Not really a dream job right?

If a few post ago, I talked about loving the fact of dropping everything and working in a resort, as much as I want to, I would be more thankful to be one of the lucky few who can afford to stay at a resort, every now and then. Maybe I am sometimes guilty on making life difficult for those who work in such resort but I do sometimes try to befriend them when I am ordering food or being served by them.

Maybe working 9-5 at an office is not a bad way to make a living after all...

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