Friday, September 18, 2009

Men never mature

Heard one caller called a radio station the other day and as the topic was about women dating men younger than them, she exclaimed "Do not date younger men!". When asked why, she simply said "They are so immature". Then she said that she marries someone who is 3 years older than her.

I think she need a reality check. The radio announcers should have asked her whether that husband of hers is a real matured man or just as immature as any other men? Did he sulk if scolded or did he know where he stands in life? Does he pick up after he discarded his clothing? Does he helped around the house?

Just to make a point, most men don't do all this. And what does this falls under?

Yes, ladies. We never mature. We are all just big boys who have grown in size but we will always be boys, nonetheless. Whatever our age. 

Just check out that sulking old men whom you call your father.


  1. I agree completely. The perfect woman is one who understands this and helps the childlike man as much as she can. :)

  2. I dated a woman who was 30 at the time, five years younger than I was. She said I was the most mature man she had ever dated ha ha ha. I think personality is far more important than age past a certain point in life.

  3. Ratty - Totally agreeable

    Eric - She may have not dated enough men