Monday, September 21, 2009

On the 2nd day of Eid Fitri

One activity during Eidul Fitri is to take pictures, if we can get the kids to stay still

Every year, on the second day of Eidul Fitri, after a full day of going to meet relatives on the first day of Edul Fitri and on the eve of it, coordinating the takbir program in which the people from each house within my parent's neighbourhood comes to every house while singing praises to Allah, we will be in our house contemplating what to do the whole day. As our house is not that far from my parent's (just 50 kilometers down south in Seremban) or my wife's parent's house, we always be back to our own house on the second day of Eidul Fitri.

As most people's hometown within our neighbourhood are farther or they like to take to take advantage of the holiday season to go somewhere, the neighbourhood will be very quiet. How we take advantage of the quietness is by sleeping in and then going to see a movie or sometimes, if we feel like it, we go and visit friends within our reach. 

Some may call me a spoilsport as I rarely participate in the holiday season by being festive but we have been doing this since we were married. 2 years ago, when my wife's grandmother was still alive, we do go outside the state for a night but with my wife's parents celebrating Eidul Fitri in Kuala Lumpur, we are going to be in town as fast as those who never went out of town at all.

Last year, we were so bored on the second day of Eid that all our cats were bathe on that day. This year, well, we actually have no idea what to do. Yet...