Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eve of Eid Mubarak

Usually, on the eve of Eid Fitri, I will try to arrive at my parents' as early as possible so I can help them prepare for the big day. My parents live in Seremban, just 50 kilometer away from me in Shah Alam. Sometimes, it may be only my wife and I who arrive there but sometimes the house is full with my brothers and their families. My elder brother married somebody within my parent's housing estate so his family is always around. Not next year though as his family is going off to United Kingdom. My sister-in-law will be doing her Ph.D there.

So, this raya was kind of special as all will be home and celebrating it with gusto. Here are some pictures of the eve of Eid Mubarak at my parent's house :

Stopped for some lemang by the roadside near our house (not that good)

Mom was already cooking some rendang and nasi himpit

My brother's kids was making a mess of the house

Went to picked satay, my parent's house must-have at the local shop

As the news filtered in eid was the next dat (20th) we went to the surau there

The congregation then went from house to house for an event called Takbir

After some praises to Allah, we have food for them to eat

This year, the takbir lasted until one due to some heavy rain at 12am. We had to wait for it to died down before we can go to the final house. I was the unfortunate person who had to go to that house. All those who wanted their house visited must have a participant (the least) who must follow till the end. Slept at 2am that night.

Legend has it, when they didn't separate the groups as they did nowadays, the takbir even lasted after eid mubarak prayer (which is at 8.30am every year). Thank God for level heads which separate the big group into smaller groupings.

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