Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Does coffee still affect me?

It does sometimes. At other times, it doesn't...

I remember drinking too much of it and my hands start shaking. I seem to love drinking coffee that in my office, most of the staff will know how I like my coffee. It is one of the easiest way to make a drink.


You have your coffee. Either the instant one (Nescafe) or Hai Peng coffee (come in a satchet) or the blended  one from Starbucks. The you just add water. 

That is it.

No sugar. No milk. No nothing. To me, that is how coffee is supposed to be enjoyed. I even have my business partner, a lady, drinking her coffee the same way after all this year (I even influenced her to drink warm water with all her meal). And we surprised people when they ask us how we like our coffee and we replied it as such.

This Ramadhan, without coffee, when morning comes, I tend to be a bit hazy. Just so that I won't be too incoherent, my last drink before the fasting session comes sometime is coffee. But, I do know that coffee dehydrates more than any other drink, so I do the next best thing to not be so sleepy during the day.

Sleep early...


  1. when i was studying, i always wished that drinking coffee can help me stay awake but more often than not, i'll fall asleep in front of my books, with my coffee cup beside me. at home, i only drink nescafe o as an effort to cut down on the condensed milk intake. but i always go for white coffee at kopitiams and i must have my whipped cream on my fraps.

  2. Izyan - it is nowadays an excuse to lounge around at cafes