Friday, September 4, 2009

Frown less, smile more

I have this tendency to frown more than smile whenever I am at rest. I mean, when I am alone, the expression that I would have on my face will be me thinking about something although I may be alone at that time. I may be reading. Waiting. Talking on the phone. I will be wearing a frown.

Whenever I notice I am frowning, I sometimes try to change my expression. I will try to smile or do a smile exercise as in making a smile with my mouth, regardless of what I feel inside. 

People say, the muscle to make a smile is less complicated than to make a frown. 

And a smile actually is a less stressful exercise than making a frown. At least, I can perfected my smile. And what was that expression?

Smile and the world smile with you?

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