Sunday, September 6, 2009

Asking back the gifts you gave your partner

I have seen a lot of people breaking up and then do this ritual of asking back what they have given their partner as gift. If it is a divorce, it will be even worse. What you have seen in The Break-up is what most couple had experience or sometimes, worse. The list, the division and then the fight.

Ever been in this situation?

Where you have broken up and you wanted to teach the bastard/bitch a lesson and you asked back all the memorabilia or keepsake you have ever given him?

In my case, these may be a point of contention


  1. I have never asked for anything back. In my opinion a gift is forever. It doesn't belong to me anymore. Something that is shared is different, and that is more difficult to decide.

  2. I believe the same too but some asked back

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