Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My obsession with certain authors

If I start to love certain authors, I will add their books to my collection, including those which may have been published a long time ago. Koji Suzuki is a Japanese who writes horror which were made into films either in Japanese (The Ring) which was then remade by Hollywood (The Ring). The books are futuristic and were never translated well on-screen.

Some other authors are John Grisham whom I read whether he writes all those legal thrillers like The Summons or some of those Americana he wrote on a lark like Skipping Christmas and Bleachers.

Then of course, people like Terry Pratchett whom my wife and I just couldn't get enough of. It is a shame he is diagnosed with Alzheimer and hope he will still be able to churn at least a few more books.

Again, I just love good book, like so many of you out there...


  1. Heyya, found your blog while bloghopping.

    I am a fan of Pratchett myself. Bought the whole collection (well... I hope I didnt miss any.) My favorite us still Mort. I find it hilarious. :)

    I was obsessed with Grisham, now I am just trying to get my hands on second hand hard cover classics. Looking for Oscar Wilde handyworks now. :)

    Have a great day!

  2. I do that too. Looking for classics but I have no specific author