Friday, September 25, 2009

If want to visit, just tell, we welcome you...

That was how my uncles and aunties extend their invite to visit their house. Especially during these times of Eid Mubarak. No appointments. No prior notice.

One of my wife's auntie put it rather crudely. "If we passed your house, we see you are inside, we will stop by and visit you. As easy as that. Relatives need not make appointment".

Actually, that is true. The dependant of people having this thing called Open Houses in which it is so popular in Malaysia that they made an event out of it for ALL religious celebration. There are Chinese New Year Open House, Christmas Open House, Deepavali Open House and two-in-one open houses like Deepa-Raya, CNY-Raya open house.

I want to make changes this year. I will invite my staff and partners over to my house on certain date but anyone who wants to visit my house this Eid Mubarak, which is one whole month of celebration (another Malaysian norms), they can just call or just stop by our house. We serve you whatever we are eating or have in the kitchen. The normal raya cookies are always ready. We have filled all the jars. We have ready all the cakes and such.

Come one. Come all. (just like Hard Rock Cafe)

We may or may not have some rendang for you


  1. If you have rendang, just call them and they'll come :p

  2. Didn't have rendang just now when friends visit just now. They still came

  3. i don't normally hold open houses but sometimes i would set a date for my friends to come to my house. however, i don't get why people ask "bila nak buat open house?" or "tak buat open house ke?" or if i invite them "datang la rumah raya nanti", they would reply by asking, "ada open house ke?". somehow it kinda annoyed me coz i thought, why should you wait for open house to come and visit. it is, after all, raya, no? which brings me to the next q, are they coming for the food or to visit. hmmm...