Thursday, September 3, 2009

The problem with being just the two of us

As we love to plan things together everyday, when one of us has another plan, the other one has to make plans of his or her own. None of us really mind if the plan has been told days or weeks in advance but if the plan is spontaneous or done in haste, it can leave the other on a lurch of what to do.

Nowadays, with us having a laptop each and a PC at home, with our growing online presence, this has become a fall-back plan. We do whatever we love to do with the PC and we get in touch with all the friends through Facebook, Twitter and blogs.

In short, in this internet age, it is hard to feel alone. For the past few months, we have been welcomed to so many meet-ups and events that we have gained a lot of new friends with like-minded interest. It has been interesting and has widen our circle of friends. Hope there are many more for us to meet and discover...

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