Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eid Mubarak pictures

What else do we do when all the family members are around, especially with my eldest brother going off to the United Kingdom following my sister-in-law who is furthering her study. We snapped pictures, we played around. There were 3 cameras. My second brother and I have a digital, push and play type of cameras. My sister-in-law bought a DSLR in Singapore last June. So, we are covered for a family portrait shoot.

Except for the people who are supposed to be in it. Some just don't like standing still.


2nd brother n sis-in-law

Eldest bro and family

The whole family

The proper one

While those pictures happened, these were the making of...

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  1. great pics.......good have a family come together on festivals...........\,,,/