Saturday, September 12, 2009

Movie reviews are to be read and not trusted

I have this one moment in my life where I always read reviews and then determine whether I like a movie or not. Without even watching the movie itself. I have faith with the movie reviewers then like all those devotees of cults. I just couldn't bring myself to watch a movie which was said to be bad or too dull or just didn't meet the reviewer approval.

Not anymore.

After a few years, I realised, you have to watch a movie and experience being in a cinema to experience the movie as a whole. Trailers and all those teasers that have all the crash, boom and bang, do not make a summer blockbuster as enjoyable as it should.

Cases in point. I think if I need to choose between Transformers 2 and G.I. Joe, I consider the latter to be better. The Ugly Truth for me was an enjoyable movie despite it is being considered to be a box-office bomb in the USA. Although I enjoyed Up!, I consider it good but not great (I love Toy Story better).

So, after all this while, I truly believe my own taste when it comes to movie. 

Next movie I just couldn't wait : G-Force.


  1. I have watched movies that completely surprised me, good or bad. Critics or previews never really tell the real story for me.

  2. Yes Ratty, some of these badly reviewed movies can be real gems

  3. I don't pay much attention to reviews anymore either. It seems like the critically acclaimed films frequently suck, and I get far more enjoyment out of the ones that are pretty much universally panned.