Monday, September 28, 2009

3 Open Houses in a row

One of the norms of Eid Mubarak in Malaysia is something rarely found in other countries which celebrate the same. It is what is termed as 'Open Houses'. Today, 27.09.09, is the first weekend after the Eid and 3 of my school friends had decided to hold their open houses on the same day. Two of them invited us through the modern equivalent of the Notice Board, Facebook, and one did it one technology lower by sending out a short messaging system (SMS) message. Two of them were actually inviting us to their parents' houses and one actually did it in his own home.

Maybe they did planned it together (or not) but the scheduling was just nice for those who wanted to come to manage to cover all three houses. One started at 11am until 3pm; another started at 12pm until 5pm; and the last one started at 2pm until 4pm. We started with the first one and arrived at the tail-end of the last one. In short, we managed to cover all houses.

As for food, the first houses served the Malaysian favourite of grilled lamb and many more as my friend is the son of a caterer. It gave them extra mileage in their business for their guests to be stuffed as people will remember them as the caterer which served great food during Eid. It was my first time to their annual event although I got invited to the same event last year.

As for the second and the last house, they served the normal fare but each has their own speciality. One served a rice concoction called Nasi Dagang and another had soto as their speciality. As much as having quite a lot of grilled lamb at the first house, I can't resist the two offerings. In short, the day ended with a very, very full stomach...

The grilled lamb which was the starter

The second house which served the nasi dagang


Traffic was clear but the heavy rain (which was a relief from the heat) delayed us a bit

The whole gang...(school buddies)

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