Wednesday, September 16, 2009

How far would you go to mend a broken heart

I was having my iftar meal at the Curve with the wife last week when I saw a familiar face, eating alone. I was a bit unsure whether it was the right person but when he passed my table, I said his name and when he turned, I knew that it was a client/friend whom I have not met for nearly 4 years. I sent him Eid Fitri card every year but it was always returned. I got my answer as to why that happened then.

He no longer owns the company which I dealt with 4 years ago. He has sold his share and he has actually moved to Vietnam. He is a through and through Malaysian and that prompted my wife and I to ask why did he do that? Moving to a country which has nothing to do with him. He is a Malay who was born in Brunei with a mix of Chinese blood.

The answer was easy enough as we touched a bit on his beautiful house in an expensive 'village' area just near the place I met him, called Kg. Sg. Penchala. I mentioned this to my wife while explaining to her who this man is. He smiled and then said, he is divorced from that wife and gave her the house with everything in it. Then it hit us, he is based in Vietnam (with a Briton as his wife) as he is nursing a broken heart and building a new life (he did affirmed this as the conversation progressed).

Just out of curiosity, as I realise Vietnam is not that far from Malaysia and is nowadays accessible, how far would one go to nurse a broken heart? Some just go on with their life, picking up the pieces in the same town. Some, like my friend, travel hundreds of mile, building a new career and even selling of everything (he has nothing in Malaysia anymore).

If it was you?

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