Saturday, September 5, 2009

Simple pleasure in life


Sometimes, the greatest pleasure in life is seeing stack of books on offer for sale. I can browse through all of these books whether I have seen them countless of time or was just my first time passing through where they are on sale.

If I am bored or the wife is out shopping, I can just go into a bookstore and browse through books. It can be fiction or non-fiction. Classic or brand new. New or second hand.

And this love for books is shared with my wife. Nowadays, she devoured books faster than me as I have become too engrossed with internet life. Maybe I need to be away to enjoy the pleasure of books again. The amount of unread books by my bedside table is getting higher and higher.

No technology can take the place of certain things like the pleasure of reading a book.


  1. I have loved books since I was a child. If I am in a book store or a library I never want to leave. I am very selective about what I choose to read, but in the end I can enjoy reading almost anything.

  2. I love to read, I even read the newspaper that became my nasi lemak wrapper. LOL

    The joy and pleasure of reading. :)

  3. Ratty n Lina - The same with me, a friend once said, I even read the menu from back to front just for the sake of reading