Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gamers are too nauseating to be enjoyed

I got another free tickets to watch a movie called Gamers on Wednesday thanks to Advertlets. I asked for it when they announced in their website they have free tickets to give and if one would want it, we only needed to send an email. I did and I clinched two tickets.

It was actually a great idea of a film. Real life gamers controlling their own people who will do their bidding (this can be seen in the trailer). If your avatar is dead, he or she is dead for real. The war scenarios were simulated and the greatest of them all was Gerard Butler (yes, I watched 2 of his movies back to back and I still think he is fat) who nearly won everything. All the avatars were convicted felons and if they won 30 rounds, they will be pardoned.

What Kable (Butler's character) wanted to do was to get back to his wife and daughter. Of course, it was not easy. With the help of his gamer and a few revolutionary cyber-fighter, he did. And that is the whole story.

Great story right?

Except that the cameras were too close to the characters and the movements might make you sick. It may even makes you want to leave the cinema (which is not good for a movie). Other than that, the scissor-happy censor board of Malaysia made the whole story a bit incomprehensible, which come to think of it I can't blame them as there were episodes which were too much even for a movie that violent. And even then I managed to see 2 or 3 scenes where a full breast and sexual acts were displayed.

As I said, great storyline, bad execution...

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