Sunday, July 19, 2009

Seeing terrifying kids terrify us

We were invited to a kid's birthday party yesterday and it was the third year that we came to this particular kid birthday party as the parents are our close friends (just hope using their kid as an example as one of the kids who terrify does not adversely affect our friendship. Let me keep them anonymous). We went there and had a nice evening of barbeque which played hell on our scheduled diet and then we had a nice quiet evening at one of the condominium's coffeeshop. That was when we were regaled with the terrifying tale of child rearing.

As most of you might know, I have cats as kids. As terrifying they can be, they do not try to do things which only humans have the capability of doing. The capability which require opposable thumbs. Like picking up other cats and trying to drown them in water. Or squeezing them until that other cat shat green poo. Or pull their tail until they scream for mercy. All those terrifying things that I, as a child, once, was guilty off. It just brought back all those memories. Bad memories of myself and what I am capable of. 

We are actually in the midst of contemplating adoption. We think of it as a natural progression. So, we are asking around other parents of what is required of you to raise a child. The answers are more skewed towards their own experience. We get all those stories from parents ranging from the parents who has those kids we can lebelled as angel and those parents who called their kids the terrible twos. None actually has the first type of kids (angel) as most that I heard labelled their kids as something that rhyme with terrible. Not a very good way to describe their kids but I think they know better than trying to hide that fact. 

We know that child-rearing is not easy. No one will admit that as having kids is the next step in our evolution as a married couple. We were not blessed with it (yet!) naturally. We are not adopting with the intention of stopping in trying to get our own kids. We just want to help out those in need. There are too many wrongs in this world in which kids are the victim. Maybe we can lessen that with one life being given the best that a kid deserve.

We are also not some good samaritans who always try to contribute to society and such. We are kind of reclusive but sometimes life do crept in once in a while. That was why my wife who was terrified of cats forgo that fear and adopted these cuties :

p/s : and in no such term am I comparing trying to raise a child is as easy as raising cats or expect to do what people do to cats to pacify them to a child

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