Monday, July 20, 2009

Community hall, community mall

There is one matured township that I always admire in Malaysia whenever I go around that area. Granted, they are an exclusive area as there are a lot of VIPs and all types of well-off people living there but I bet being a matured area within a cosmopolitan such as Kuala Lumpur does help too. 

One of the thing that I wish for my housing estate to have in the future is a simple thing like a town hall where people can meet, organise event, rent for weddings and all those things that community do together. I was at a wedding on Sunday afternoon and was impressed with the town hall that the wedding was held. The acoustic was enough for one to do a mini concert there. This hall is located in a place called Damansara Heights.

As for a mall, just a few kilometers away, there is a neighbourhood mall which is frequented by most of those who lives near the area. Except for a few strays like my wife and I, usually the neighbouring area, which is full of condominium full with expatriates working in Malaysia. They have just renovated the mall to make it bigger but I hope it will still retain its charm as a small neighbourhood mall. The name Bangsar Shopping Centre also connotes the area which it serves.

Does your community have these ammenities? For my community (being new) it is still a far-off dream...


  1. I Wonder when I can go to your town to see it :)