Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Why is it called 'Wed Lock'?

Stop scaring the kids...

That is my advice to whoever trying to stop all the problems that teenagers faced. Teenage pregnancy. Teenage sex. Teenage angst. Whatever other 'teenage ' stigma that you are trying to impose on all the kids nowadays. Yes, we know that having to deal with unwanted pregnancy is scary and the best option is abstinence but who are we kidding. Kids will be kids and one of the thing they love to experiment is sex.

The problem when the kids have grown up enough for them to get married, we tend to scare them into not getting married as they have the whole future ahead of them. The best way we always try to convince them is by saying "You are too young". Er, were not in the olden days, people get married when they entered their teens. I thought we are the future and people can handle tougher stuff nowadays.

And then we call marriage as 'wedlock'. That in itself is a big turn-off and made those who want to legalise their love to not do it. Even the Britons have found that divorce is not a good solution to all arguments in a marriage. They are going to have a "cooling-off" period for couples who wanted to get a divorce so that they can rethink their decisions.

Just think of marriage as just another step in love then I think we can all feel how the bond become stronger when we say "I do" and not an obligation which we have to keep, whether we like it or not.


  1. I never thought about how negative a term "wedlock" is, but you're right. It is a far better expression than ball and chain, but not by much.

  2. 'Wedlock' is a very apt term.
    Marriage is just a mirage. Married with no 'I' is 'marred' - and has nothing to do with love or loving.
    Some old western cultures called it 'handfasting'. The 'institution' of marriage is a creation of Roman imperialists and economists working for wage slave owners.
    Humans are far more interesting, changeable and diverse than such silly and hypocritical domestic relationships can allow for.
    All you need is love.

  3. Tina - same meaning, different term

    Prince - But a good marriage can heal souls too