Thursday, July 2, 2009

How hard is it?

This is a sensitive question to men, in line with the one where you get an ego-deflating question like "Is it in yet?". This is more to those who are curious, what does it feel for those men who seem to spout a tree trunk when they are excited.

As most people know, except to those who has not yet knows, if there is such a thing in this time and age, men seem to have a hard-on in the morning. It is embarrassing when you are in your youth and living with your parents and you need to go to school and that damn thing just won't come down. However, as you become more experience, you will know what to do with it. That means either it has to be dealt in a D.I.Y way or if you are lucky enough to have someone beside you, use it to it full potential. If you watched The Bucket List, Jack Nicholson character did say, "Never Waste a Hard-On". Go figure.

This phenomena is an indicator of age for men. As you grow older, it may and may not arrive. The hard-on I mean. So, when it looks like a tent pole, what does a man feels? Does he really feels anything when the thing being as hard as that? To some, if their skin is sensitive enough, they may feel all the feelings that you feel when skin touches skin. For some, it is a numbing feeling. Just imagine all the blood that goes to that area to make it hard. That is why it made some men cannot think when it happens.

So, numb that you can go on and on and on... and hoping to match and satisfy that person (or hand) that lay beside you...


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