Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Male bonding

One of the best thing of being a man is the easeness of being able to bond together about mundane thing. Hey, if you go to a bar, you want to start a party, you can just join any group of men, maybe you need some money to buy them a beer, which is not necessarily the case, have a little fun with them, then you can go off to wherever you came from. Or you may to get into a fight.

It is just that as a man, I have always relate in breaking the ice just by talking to the other man that you see. For women, I am not so sure. I rarely see women straight away bonding when they just met a few minutes or an hour before that. Unless one of them is really friendly.

Men, they usually bond over some sport. It can be soccer, football, baseball or even any Olympic sports, if the Olympic had just finished. They can also talk about car, any hot girls they see and then the new beer that was just being introduced. Or maybe that Heineken commercial where the men shout like those women in the other room when they saw the beer lining up the room.

As for women, of course, they can also do the same but usually, what happened with my wife is the feeling of being left out if in the group most of the women have children. They will steer the conversation about babies and children and that will actually alienate those who has none. Or maybe they can talk about the new make-p or handbags or those shoes worn by Victoria Beckham or whoever is the current female envy then.

I may be wrong but I think men had it easy when it comes to bonding...

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