Monday, July 13, 2009

That is the best compliment I ever receive

There are a few scenes in the movie As Good As It Gets, in which the title of this blog is taken, in which it is one of my favourite movie of all time, with my favourite actor of all time, Jack Nicholson acting in it. It was a difficult love story where the people in it were real and they did not fall head over heal with each other at first sight. They were old, some were getting older fast, some were gay, some were criminals, some were unforgiving, and all of them were real. There was puke, there was blood and people talk like they talk in real life. They did not try hard to make the movie like a movie and the movie even starts in the middle of a scene. An important scene which became the central issue of the movie. And it involve a dog.

The relationship between Jack Nicholson's and Helen Hunt's characters were so uncomfortable with Jack being Jack at his worst and was very abusive and unreasonable. Hunt's character has a sick kid and she was haggard looking as she needed to take care of her kid at night. Jack never really cared for her but when she was absence one day he willingly pursued her to her house and even sent one of the most expensive doctor in town to look at her kid as long as she comes back to work. Her work? A waitress at Jack's fav restaurant.

The parts in the movie which I like was the few scenes in which Jack tried to give compliments. He announced them beforehand, said them and coaxed reactions. Once, he said "Knowing you wants me to be better", referring to his mental illness of obsessive compulsive disorder (I think).

There are other scenes which will make you think how life is really not a simple boy meets girl, fall in love and then live happily ever after or whatever version Hollywood tries to shove our throat. James L. Brook who wrote and directed that movie surprisingly is also the owner of The Simpson television series and that says a lot abouyt him. He does sees life as real and he does love making movie for old adult and not kids. Hope he will have some other features in the future as he rarely has a movie out.

What is the best compliment you ever received?


  1. Oh I knew it you got this title from the movie!

    Hm... what is the best compliment I ever got? "You rock my world, baby!"



  2. That is one compliment you get with practice ;)