Friday, July 17, 2009

It's alive : A guide for men

Maybe the best time of your live is when you are still in your teens or twenties in which getting it up, when the need arises (pun intended) is never a problem and every morning you know the need to wake up when you are woken up with something stirring down below (no, there is no one there which is normal for losers like most men in that age, except for a few lucky one). So, you will know that your sex career is safe and you will be able to perform what is necessary, if given a chance.

So, as you aged, after a few uses, in which if you still have not have regular sex, then you are better off jerking by yourself. However, for those who have use their manhood regularly (for whatever reasons or alignments), there may be some tear and wear. Some maintenance maybe required (which is another post on another day) but before that can take place, you need to discover whether it is true or not. I think there is a brochure made by Ministry of Health or some condom manufacture on this already.

Just wrap some postage stamp at night around your sleeping partner (not the person sleeping beside you) after usage, preferably (in which if you put it on before usage, I leave it to you to explain why you lost a postage stamp in someone's whatever to the cop who comes to investigate why you are beaten silly by your spouse or partner. 

Anyway, when you wake up in the morning, if your manhood rise without you knowing, which will shows your age, that postage stamp would have been torn. If not, then try a few night before you go running looking for someone to fix your 'problem' which may range from the nearest pharmacist or doctor or to the nearest witch doctor or shaman in town.

Just make sure you try it out with a picture of a naked whoever the current centrefold of whatever porn magazine still surviving the current economic slowdown. That is if you do not have a lady willingly to get naked for you. 

Oh, and repeat the procedure a few years down the road as your age creeps up.
p/s - no postage stamp was hurt in the making of this post as I don't need to test it, yet...


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