Saturday, July 4, 2009

Starting on a diet for health sake

If you ever is a follower or read this blog, you will notice, I love eating. I mean, I really love eating. And I love to try new food. Invite me for food and I rarely say no. I have been like this since forever. I was put up by my parents in a boarding school and due to my pickiness of the type of food that I eat, I usually went to the school's canteen and eat after I have my dinner at the mess hall of the school. Just imagine that. That is why my weight is always on the high side.

Some of the food I love, which some people hates :

Some Indian style cooking

Airplane food, in this case, Malaysia Airline System's or MAS's


Some fine dining

So, you see, when I started off on this diet and I have to do a cycle of 45 days, I know it will not be easy but here is the motivation. I know I am prone to disease which is passed from generation to generation (not a sure thing, I know, but high probability) and I have eaten good food since I have been in school and university. And I have lived nearly 35 years and travel the world to eat good food.

Isn't it time for me to at least eat more responsibly?


  1. Cool stuff you have here..Like you I luv food too. But just some words of advice, eat everything in moderation, bro. I was like you before but now I have to start a day with 2 high blood pills. This will go on until I stop breathing. Like I said, eat in moderation. Then again life is too short, what the heck! Salam bro...

  2. Thanks JJ for the advice and that is why I am starting on my diet which does not require me to change my lifestyle. Will update with a post if it works...

  3. Do some kind of detox once in while will help. More fruits and vegetable diet would be a good choice.