Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comedy Club KL : A report

The Comedy Club KL had its first two days run last Friday with 3 stand up comedians trying to sell jokes to Malaysian audience. The event was held at the Velvet Underground in Zouk, one of Malaysia premier nightclub and it was nearly a full house. I was one of the first to arrive and I couldn't find a seat. I was with my wife and I saw a few bloggers whom I have tweet in my Twitter that I would be there. I waved them over and I actually learned a few camwhore moves. When I look back these pictures, I now know why I rarely took pictures of myself. I have the same smile in nearly all of them. Not just smile. Expression too. Should that be a trademark post?

Anyway, the show was good but I now realised how best to do a stand up comedy. To relate yourself with your audience. In term of rating, Douglas Lim, the Malaysian had the best reaction from the audience. Then Hung Le, the Vietnamese Australian immigrant and lastly, the Australian, Greg Fleet. The Malaysian was supposed to be the filler then the Vietnamese as the secondary act for the night before the Australian doing his best effort to bring the house down.

When it came to the crunch, it was the other way around. People was laughing more in the first act, puzzled by the second act (Fleet) and picked the pace again in the last one by Hung. Fleet seemed to be in Malaysia more for a vacation than really doing his job of entertaining the audience. Even Atherton was good at warming up the audience in between each slot. It was not a bad show, mind you. All have their umph! moment but if you are paying money for people to make you laugh, then it is better worth it.

And as I mentioned earlier, understanding your audience and connecting with them is one of the main ingredient in ensuring your punchline is laugh at and you are not being laugh at. I am still going to come to their monthly show, as promised by them and hoping as they bring in more and more comedians, we can get better and better quality ones.

Here are some pictures, taken by me :

Here is the moderator Jonathon Atherton

 Greg Fleet

Hung Lee, the Australian Vietnamese immigrant

Here are those pictures where I really don't know how to post, taken by fellow bloggers Euveng, Evo (and that lady is Perfectionista) :

With the wife

With fellow bloggers

With Malaysia funny man, Douglas Lim
For more (better) pictures and comments, here is Evo's blog : the guy just beside Douglas there.


  1. Aww.. wifey looks so perrty! But whosdat doll wida long herr? *winks*

  2. Daisy - Thanks Daisy, that is a girl we just met there with the 2 guys