Monday, July 6, 2009

Do you remember the time?

I had the title written down for this post in November last year when I wanted to tell my wife about how we fell in love with each other. You do know that this is also the title for a Michael Jackson song which have Iman (David Bowie's wife), the basketball player Magic Johnson and Eddie Murphy. It was the early days of CGI and it was spectacular like most Michael Jackson's music movie videos. The sands that they used in that movie was amazing as they shifted and became people then swirl around as MJ dance.

I decided to write this post now as the death of MJ has brought me back to it and I talked to my wife about how we fell for each other. She told me, I told her once that it was due to her finishing her food unlike most of my other dates who always asked me to finish their food for them. It was true as I had problems with all this dates who tried so hard in maintaining their weight though some of them were already at their ideal weight (in my eyes). If we were having expensive dinner, they will still do it as if what I spent was just to get their heart (that is for men ladies!).

Food is never wasted when it comes near me

She actually told me the other day that is one of the story she tell her girl friends when they meet up as she finds it amusing. She also thought that food shouldn't be wasted especially good ones and expensive. I actually think that it was sweet of her as I did told her this and she still remembers it. I do remember quite a few things that we did together, either romantic things or just simple things which stuck to your mind although it was not intended to be so significant. 

I bet MJ was conveying that when he sang that song.

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