Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Would you love me any less?

Being insecured, I tend to ask this question when my wife and I were just falling in love. Asking and probing to get assurance that if one thing or another happens, our love will stand strong and we will still be together.

As I was still trying to get a firm grip on a career and was struggling to make money then (as I am still, now), I love questioning her whether if she will still be there if I became poor or not a lawyer or doesn't have a career or all those things that makes a man feel less adequate.

When we were nearing our marriage date, these questions became a serious issue as wouldn't these be the modern day equivalent of a caveman providing enough for his family?

Thankfully, after nearly 6 years, it seems that we have been through thick and thin, we are still together. And I have long ago decided that we have passed the stage of asking and it is now the time to live it...


  1. that is good to hear :)

    wish you have many years happiness together with wifey :D

  2. krul,
    soalan hampir sama bagi isteri kepada suaminya yang biasa2.

    "kalau u dah kaya, u kawen lagi 1 tak?"

  3. Lisa - Thanks

    J - Dah banyak kali aku yang tanya ;)